Hitachi goes Interactive

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Interactive LCD Projector added to Ultimate Short Throw range

Hitachi announces the launch of a new LCD projector that delivers full interactive capability in combination with all of the benefits of the Ultimate Short Throw series.
The innovative iPJ-AW250NM integrates the company’s Starboard software to deliver a complete interactive experience on any flat surface. With a rich feature set aimed to meet the interactive needs of both corporate and education users, the compact iPJ-AW250NM, like the other models in the Ultimate range, is easy to install, easy on the environment and designed to deliver outstanding performance in any setting.
Although interactive solutions have been available for some time, mass market adoption of interactivity in both classrooms and meeting rooms has so far been relatively limited. In recognising that the cost, complexity and other compromises of existing solutions was preventing many potential users from realising the productivity, collaboration and learning benefits of interactivity, particularly in a commercial setting, Hitachi identified the need for a different approach.
This thinking has resulted in the iPJ-AW250NM LCD projector that has been designed to deliver a balance of usability and performance characteristics, with the new model claiming to be fast responding, easy to install, small, light, and unobtrusive.
“As the first Hitachi interactive LCD projector, the iPJ-AW250NM offers the market a real and innovative alternative to existing complex, bulky or compromised solutions. By embedding full interactive capability with all of the features of the new Ultimate Short Throw models, we are able to offer a high performance solution that works on any wall or with existing standard whiteboards,” said Axel Kutschke, Senior Manager, Presentation Products for Hitachi Digital Media Group. “In bringing interactivity to existing meeting and classroom facilities to improve productivity and learning, Hitachi is demonstrating its continued commitment to innovation in meeting customer needs by combining class leading technologies to deliver simple, cost effective solutions.”

The wall mount makes setup and fine adjustments both quick and simple, which together with its small size means that a single engineer, using the easy set-up procedure, can quickly and correctly install and adjust the projector. Once the iPJ-AW250NM is installed on the network, the latest Hitachi projector management software takes the strain out of managing multiunit installations as well as providing usage reports to ease occasional maintenance scheduling.
The very compact size and low weight of the projector and bundled wall mount help to reduce environmental impact by cutting the carbon footprint during shipping and distribution. The projector also offers an Auto Eco Mode as well as a reduced power standby mode using only 0.3W which both help to ensure power usage is reduced to a minimum during the lifetime of the projector. But clever design means that despite the small form factor, cool airflow around the projector is optimised. In combination with long life parts such as a hybrid filter and lamp life of 5000hours, this means that scheduled maintenance requirements are minimised.

Monday, February 14, 2011