Over 300 Screens for Cinema


YCD Israel cinema

In addition to over 300 screens, 200 square metres of LED floor tiles have been installed.

A large multiplex cinema has installed over 300 screens to show movie trailers, promote merchandise and create an exciting atmosphere. G Cinema City, Rishon Le Zion, Israel, is one of the world’s largest and most modern movie and entertainment multiplexes. In addition to over 300 screens, 200 square metres of LED floor tiles have been installed.
YCD Multimedia’s video wall technology serves content to 122 of the screens, arranged as five large video slices of up to 35 screens each and also controls the synchronization of the LED floor tiles. Providing for an unparalleled branding platform, and a revenue generator for the complex, on a periodic schedule all 122 screens as well as the LED floor tiles can be converted to a seamlessly integrated promotion for specific brands, such as Coca Cola.
Noam Levavi, CEO of YCD Multimedia comments, "YCD’s solutions, as demonstrated at Cinema City, are setting a new standard in the digital signage arena. The digital menu board, served by YCD's MuVi Wall technology, demonstrates smart digital merchandising that increases sales with dynamic and effective content. The multi-zone, synchronized MuVi Wall technology allows total control of the digital ambiance inside the location by simultaneously controlling the lighting system (LED floor) and service high definition content to the video walls, digital menu boards and individual screens. Altogether, this blends into the whole design structure creating digital ambiance that sets the atmosphere for the entire venue."
Avi Edri, CEO of Cinema City added, "For over two years we have been researching software and hardware technologies. After a lengthy and arduous market study, we came to the conclusion that YCD Multimedia, with their advanced technology, flexible integration capabilities and creative expertise is best positioned to provide us with the most dynamic and flexible solution for ourselves and our customers."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010