Showroom DS for Volkswagen

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Cybay Volkswagen contract
Cybay New Media has won the contract to manage the new Volkswagen showroom TV digital signage. The network will run on the company’s digital signage solution, Dingo. Over time, this digital signage network will be rolled out to over 300 Volkswagen showrooms, although at the beginning only selected dealerships will have this network installed.
The content will range from advertising, information and news from Volkswagen and aims to create a better customer experience in the dealerships, making them more likely to make purchases. News and weather will help to keep the content relevant and topical to customers.
Johannes Huwe, Managing Director, of Cybay New Media, comments, “This contract further establishes our position as a digital signage provider to car dealerships across Europe. We also run Opel’s digital signage network in Germany for them.”

Friday, March 5, 2010